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Careers in Racing have launched a ‘Youth Collaboration Group’ inviting young people to come forward and be part of this new group – the first of its kind in the sport of Horseracing. Working collaboratively with young people to help shape what Careersinracing use to market content to the next generation of people that want to work in our sport.

Not only will members of the Youth Collaboration Group have a real say in shaping the direction of how careers in racing are marketed to younger audiences, but they will also gain valuable transferable skills to support their own career development.

What to expect

All members of the group will receive a careersinracing skills passport, which will detail what they have achieved during their time on the group – ranging from proofreading and copy editing, through to video reviewing and participation in online video conferencing. They will also have an opportunity to consider how they are developing other essential skills via a new partnership careersinracing has entered with the Skills Builder Partnership.

We want to build a team of young people who really understand what we are trying to achieve, and who can give us some honest feedback, and co-create some of our initiatives. At the same time, we want to support them in developing work-ready skills to enhance their CVs.

We have over 30 members now who have assisted this year on Podcasts Topics, hoodies design, Grand National content, International Women’s Day, Racing Staff Week & Explore Racing Days.

Creating Content has become a big part of the YCG. Be it Instagram Take-Overs, TikToks, Tours, behind the scenes content or days on course, the YCG have been able to explore the media world in a big way adding some fun to our social platforms. We have a big mix in the group so join us.

Jasmine part of the group took part in a interview with Nick Luck and you can listen to her on the Nick Luck Podcast here

Members of the group have been accepted into the 14-16 program at the National Horseracing College, paid intern jobs, the BHA Development Programme, Racing Media Academy and even writing for national newspapers!

You can read about Ellie from the group day at Newmarket Races here.

Plus check out our socials where a lot of the group appear.

If you would like to be part of the YCG get in contact with Sean Simara on and he will send you everything you need or complete the application form here. 

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