Ready to Get a Job

If you are ready to get a job, you will find lots of job vacancies on our industry Job Board from working in a stud farm to working at a racecourse.  Or explore the training and courses that are available to you, to enhance your skills.

Getting Started

It will very much depend on your qualifications or skills. If an employer thinks you have all the skills you need, you can start in a job right away. But if you want to develop specific skills especially within a racing yard you might want to consider some of the training available. There may be funding available to complete an Apprenticeship depending on what qualifications you have done previously.   The industry’s Training Providers will be able to give you more information.

Check out the training available in the Thoroughbred breeding industry. You might want to consider applying for the National Stud Diploma Course or the Entry to Stud Employment Course, if you don’t have any experience of handling horses. These free courses are fully residential and you will learn all aspects of breeding Thoroughbreds from handling foals and yearlings to foaling and the mating process. Click here for more information.

Working at a Racecourse

There are 59 racecourses across the UK, ranging in size from small, independent courses to large courses like Ascot.  Each of them employs a number of people, in many different roles.  There are two racecourse groups – the Jockey Club who manage 15 racecourses and Arena Racing Company who manage 16 racecourse.  The other courses are run independently but still need a talented workforce to operate efficiently and effectively.

Take a look at our Job Board to keep up to date with live opportunities – you can search for roles in marketing, PR, operations, management – to find that perfect role for you.

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