National Horseracing College


The National Horseracing College offers a range of courses at all levels for people who are looking to start a career in Horseracing and for those who are currently working in the industry wishing to develop their qualifications and skills.

Based in Yorkshire, the National Horseracing College (NHC) offers a range of courses including Apprenticeships, Jockey License Courses, Racehorse Trainer Modules, Supervisory Skills and Admin Courses, Pony Racing, 14 to 16 Work Related Training and Bespoke Training.

Open Days

The National Horseracing College holds Open Mornings every month. Come and view the college yourself. They provide young people, their parents, guardians, carers and career advisors with the opportunity to have a look around the College and to meet the learners, who are currently on the foundation course.

The morning includes

  • a visit the gallops for a riding demonstration
  • meet the horses, see their history in racing and what habits each one has
  • a tour of the accommodation
  • have a go on the horse simulators.

Next Available Dates

  • Monday 19th Feb 2024 ‐ 10:15am‐1:00pm
  • Friday 16th Feb 2024 ‐ 10:15am‐1:00pm
  • Friday 8th Mar 2024 ‐ 10:15am‐1:00pm
  • Friday 5th Apr 2024 ‐ 10:15am‐1:00pm
  • Friday 3rd May 2024 ‐ 10:15am‐1:00pm
  • Friday 31st May 2024 ‐ 10:15am‐1:00pm
  • Friday 28th Jun 2024 ‐ 10:15am‐1:00pm
  • Friday 26th Jul 2024 ‐ 10:15am‐1:00pm
  • Friday 30th Aug 2024 ‐ 10:15am‐1:00pm
  • Friday 27th Sep 2024 ‐ 10:15am‐1:00pm
  • Friday 25th Oct 2024 ‐ 10:15am‐1:00pm
  • Friday 22nd Nov 2024 ‐ 10:15am‐1:00pm
  • Friday 20th Dec 2024 ‐ 10:15am‐1:00pm

Book Now

Registration is required. For more information and further dates visit

Email or call 01302 861000

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