Case Study – Alice Jenkins

I would also say to think about the sort of thing you would like to do, as you can be involved in the industry in so many ways.

Alice was part of the Virtual Development Programme of 2020. This unique year for the students on the programme saw them have their lectures and seminars done virtually. Although there was no placements that year for them due to the pandemic. We catch up with one of the students of that year and see where they are now with their career!

How did you find the Virtual Development Programme of 2020?

The Virtual Development Programme of 2020 was amazing. From the very beginning we had endless support from Sean and Michelle. We learnt so much from different areas of the industry. I originally found the programme on the Careers in Racing website back when I was at university. I was immediately drawn in when I saw the programme and when I found out that I had got in, it was the best day ever! I actually loved doing the programme virtually as I could work it around my everyday life.

Did you enjoy what was put on together virtually for you?
I know we couldn’t do it face to face that year due to Covid, but the virtual lectures were so interesting. We got to speak to some extremely knowledgeable people in the industry with such a vast range of experience. I also found that topics that I would have never thought I would have been interesting were actually some of my favourites. The topics ranged from Rules and Regulation to Marketing and Charity.

Do you still keep in touch with your year group?
We have a WhatsApp group that people keep in touch on and connections on LinkedIn.

What did you do next in your career?
After the scheme I did a MSc in Marketing. I did this at Queen’s University Belfast. The pandemic had hit and although most of my course was online, it was a great way to further my education considering I didn’t want to start a career in the pandemic.

Where are you working now?
I work for Ascot Racecourse now as an Account Executive on our CRM team. My role involves looking after all our repeat clients and making sure that they have a great time when they visit.

What is your favourite part of your job role?
I think the best bit about the job is that whenever I am working a Saturday, I get to watch the racing. I can also enter the Parade Ring on racedays and get up close to the runners. Working for such a large luxury brand like Ascot is also such an amazing thing. The events like Royal Ascot attract people from all over the world and really create an experience like no other. Another selling point of my job is that I can walk to work!

What are the pros of working in the racing industry?
I think my favourite thing about working in the industry is my team. The people at Ascot are so lovely, and we all try to socialise as much as possible between teams. The CRM team especially are always there for each other and it’s a very collectivist culture where we make sure we look out for each other. Another big pro is how exciting a workday is, as you get to feel the buzz of the racing and watch some incredible winners throughout the year.

What raceday at Ascot this year are you most looking forward too?
From a personal perspective probably the Shergar Cup in August. There are some great races that day and the concert at the end should be so much fun. I’m not due to work that day but I will be coming with friends. Royal Ascot is also the most exciting week of the year, and it will be incredible to experience it from the other side of things. I know it will be a very tiring week however!

What career advice would you give someone looking to work in racing?  
The Careersinracing website is a fantastic place to start. They post all the most recent jobs and its such a great resource. I would also say to think about the sort of thing you would like to do, as you can be involved in the industry in so many ways. I think that doing the Virtual Graduate Programme really helped me Fastrack my career in racing. Also, don’t be put off that your colleagues may know more about racing than you. So many people that work in the industry don’t know that much about racing.

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